10 Effective and Essential Angular Javascript Interview Questions

Angular Javascript Interview Questions

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Effective and Essential Angular Javascript Interview Questions

Looking for Effective and Essential Angular Javascript Interview Questions? AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–ViewModel (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in rich Internet applications. Source: Wikipedia.

10 Effective and Essential Angular Javascript Interview Questions

Q1. Explain Angular JS in brief?

A Structural framework that lets you use HTML as your language for templates. Also, it allows you to extend the syntax of HTML. It provides flexibility to avoid writing hundreds of initialization codes just to get started.
Google started to work with Angular JS in 2009.
It is data binding and it performs or showcases all the output within the Browser. We can also call it a JavaScript framework, and can be added with the

Institute Name:

That's how we can use this input directive as Text input.

Q3. Explain the code to enable the double click button in Angular JS?

ng-dblclick allows for specifying custom behavior on a double-click event on the web pages. It can be used as an attribute of the HTML element.
By using the following procedure, we can create a sample code of a double-click event using AngularJS.
ng-model has bound as a Textbox and the double click button is bound with ng-dblclick & we have written ‘Hello ‘+name.
Here Hello is a string and name defined as the variable that will contain input value as TextBox.
This button – “Double Click for EduCBA” will work when you double-click on it.
Input Code:

<!doctype html>


Double Click for GoApti


Please double click - GoApti

Q4. what “routes” does in Angular JS?

It enables the creation of different-different URLs for the different content in the application. Angular js route enables users to bookmark content of different URLs for the different content. These such bookmark URLs are the route in AngularJS.
The value of a Number, JavaScript, or String in Angular JS is a simple object & this should belong to Angular JS.
The values are used as configuration injected into controllers, services, or factories. By adding a parameter, values can be injected into the Angular JS controller function having named the same as value.

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Q5. Explain some Unique features of AngularJS?

Registering Callbacks are not required in Angular JS. This feature makes Angular JS code much simple and very easy to debug.
The applications which have been created using Angular JS never influence the DOM (Document Object Model).
Angular JS helps to transfer the data to and from the UI, it also helps to eliminate issues like validating a form, validation error display, etc.

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Q6. List all types of Custom directive in Angular JS?

Following are the Custom directives in Angular JS:

  1. Element directives: This Directive works when the matching element is confronted.
  2. CSS class directives: It starts works when the same CSS style matches.
  3. Comment directives: When a matching comment found it gets activated.
  4. Attribute directives: Attribute directives come into the picture when matching/same directive is confronted.

Official website of Angular JavaScript

Q7. Explain different types of bootstrapping in AngularJS?

Starting or initializing the application called Bootstrapping. Angular JS having two types of bootstrapping:

  1. Automatic Bootstrapping: Adding the ng-app at the root of an application. After finding the ng-app angular js loads the associated module with it and then the compilation of DMO happens.
  2. Manual Bootstrapping: To get more control over the initialization of your angular app we use manual bootstrapping. It provides control over how and when to start the app. It is much useful when another operation will get performed before waking up the Angular JS and compilation of the page.

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Q8. Explain any Angular JS service using the code?

Services are the objects or functions used to carry out specific tasks.
It can be built by a developer in Angular JS. Angular JS developers can define their own services. By registering the service’s name and service factory function they can define it. also, there are almost 30 to 35 inbuilt services are available for instant use. $timeout is one of the Angular JS services.
$timeout service is being used to change the value in a specified number of milliseconds. This service is useful for changing the value after the predefined time limit.
Input Code:


GoApti code will change this header will change after 3 seconds:


The $timeout service works after a specified number of milliseconds.


“This code will change the value to default after 3 seconds”

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Q9. Explain all the Security features in AngularJS?

There are built-in protections, provided by Angular JS. Refer to the following security features.
It prevents Cross-site scripting. It is a hacking technique where a hacker can send a request form and can get confidential or private information easily.
It also prevents injection attacks HTML.
It prevents XSRF (Cross-site request forgery) protection for server-side communication. Angular JS handled it by the “Auth token” mechanism. Whenever users logins for the very first time it sends a user id and password to the server and in turn, it will return an Auth token. this authorized token does the authentication in all future transactions.

Q10. Explain the Syntax to show the entered password using Angular JS?

Using the below code, the Developer can switch the visibility of the password to the user.
Input Code:

Password:  id="myInput">

Show Password

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