Top 3 Best Aptitude test preparation guide

Aptitude test preparation guide

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Cracking the aptitude test is usually the toughest part of any recruitment process. Quite a few students get rejected at this stage despite having good technical knowledge and communication skills.

In aptitude tests, you compete with thousands of students where the cutoff is not usually pre-decided so your performance along with the performance of your competitors decides whether you get selected for the next round or not. That is why it is essential to be amongst the top scorers in the exam.

Let us help you understand how you can achieve this.

The aptitude test consists of three sections

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical reasoning and
  • Verbal ability

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 Quantitative Aptitude

Overall,  the major chapters that you have to cover are

  • Numbers, ages,  problems on trains, Time and work,  permutations and combinations,  probability, relationship-based questions,  seating arrangements,  Para jumbles,  sentence Corrections, and grammar.
  • These chapters will definitely help in answering the bulk of questions asked for quantitative aptitude.

Preparation Strategy

  • You don’t have to practice hundreds of questions but it is necessary to practice questions of all types and all difficulty.
  • If a topic has 50 questions be sure to try and solve all 50 without looking at the solutions mark.
  • Those which you could not solve and give them a try after it.  If you are not able to solve even then look at the solutions and understand why you got them wrong and what is the concept behind them.
  • Make some preparation time table so that you can practice systematically.
  • Make short notes of 1 or 2 pages of important topics.
  • Practice daily for 2-3 hours online so that you can improve your time management.
  • You will have to realize that this test doesn’t test your skills they only check how much you can think upon the topics and how you can resolve these problems.

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 Logical reasoning

  • For logical reasoning, chapters like series completion,  Seating Arrangements, blood relations, directions, coding, and decoding are important.
  • Follow the same strategy as quants.  Speed is really important in logical reasoning and only practice will help you achieve the desired score

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 Verbal ability

“While language and communication skills are a very important thing and in the Verbal Ability Test Grammer plays a Vital Role in Aptitude test preparation guide”

  • Verbal ability is a different ball game because you require a good grasp of the language.
  • Communicating in English is the easiest way to practice grammar.
  • Reading newspapers will also help you. Some important topics here are reading comprehension, parallel jumbles, sentence Corrections, fill in the blanks, synonyms and antonyms,  Para completion, and arrangement types questions.
  • In conclusion, start from concepts and practice questions from each topic thus mastering all sections topic by topic. Aim to be amongst the top 2% and you will easily clear the cutoff. All the best.

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