Are you an organized person-Interview Question

Are you an organized person-Interview Question

Are you an organized person Of Course, you are highly organised! Illustrate your organisational skills by talking about some of the methods or systems that you use to organise your work, such as:

  • Making lists of tasks
  • Keeping files and records on different projects
  • Developing a routine or process
  • Using tables, spreadsheets, computer programs, or even Gantt charts (but only talk about these if you genuinely have used them) to track progress on different pieces of work

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Don’t forget to prove that you really are organised by providing a short example of a project that you have organised or co-ordinated. Be careful not to imply that you are so organised that you would find it difficult to function without your methods and ways of working. Sometimes the world of work throws up unexpected problems and situations that you just need to tackle spontaneously.

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As a subsidiary question, an interviewer may ask you: How tidy is your desk at work? Such a question means that the interviewer probably believes that a tidy desk is a sign of a tidy mind – so full marks go to candidates who can describe an orderly workspace.

Possible Answer #1:

“Yes, I am quite organized. I keep all my documents, certificates and files labelled and sorted. The labels are such that I can retrieve anything that I need instantly, in seconds. I also have a very clean desktop on my computer.”


Possible Answer #2:

“Organization comes naturally to me. My desk, folders, software files, clothes, kitchen and everything else is always well arranged, sorted and neatly kept. Thanks to my spouse and mom for instilling this skill as a habit in me.”

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