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    Data Interpretation

    Data Interpretation or DI refers to the implementation of procedures through which data is reviewed for the purpose of arriving at an inference. Data can be obtained from multiple sources…
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    Logical Reasoning

    Logical Reasoning tests are designed to assess a candidate’s ability at skills such as how to interpret patterns, number sequences, or the relationships between shapes.…
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    Non Verbal Reasoning

    Non-Verbal Reasoning is a test that involves the ability to understand, interpret, and analyze the visual data and solve problems using visual reasoning. The questions in Non-verbal appear in…
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    Verbal Ability

    Verbal Ability is the ability to use the written language and to understand concepts presented through words. It is one of the most important sections…
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    Verbal Reasoning Questions

    Verbal reasoning tests of intelligence provide an assessment of an individual’s ability to think, reason, and solve problems in different ways. these tests are often…

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