Employability skills certification

Employers look for more than a high CGPA, they want candidates that are the right cultural fit and who have the right soft skills and technical skills for the workplace.

How employable are you? Employers look for more than great marks, they need to find candidates that are a cultural fit and who have the right technical and soft skills for their workplace.

Most companies nowadays conduct multiple rounds of interviews before finalizing a candidate. Hiring the right candidate is becoming increasingly complex. And without the right skill sets and certificates, you are nowhere to go.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check how prepared you are for the workplace with our employability skills test.

In this mock interview, we walk you through a detailed interview process and help you in strengthening your weak areas to get ready.

In this package you will have:

  • Aptitude Test- The result of your aptitude tests are likely to tell how much you can achieve for the company that is hiring you. And to prepare you for that, this test comes into play, which includes contains 40 questions and gives you 40 minutes to answer all of them. This includes a comprehensive selection of questions including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, cognitive reasoning, logical reasoning, and many more.

  • Technical test– In the 20th Century you are expected to have good technical skills. Here, a mock interview will be conducted based on the programming languages you have learned, such as Java,  C, C++, or Python whichever you choose. If you don’t have any prior programming experience don’t worry you can choose, “Not from a computer background”.
  • Communication test(HR round)-  To be among the selected candidates you must be an effective communicator with good soft skills, one should be having good communication skills and should be knowing how to interpret everyday business situations to be always ready to handle everything that comes.  This test would be face to face, and our instructors would guide you through the rest of the course and strengthen and notify you of your weak areas via video-calling. 
  • Certification– Lastly, after completing all those two tests above, you will be offered the certificate, which will be digitally signed.

So, getting yourself certified and testing yourself is easy now, it’s time for you to test yourself and secure your dream job!

Course Content

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Step-1 Aptitude test
Step-2 Technical test and Communication test
step-3 Get Your Certificate
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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 1 Test
  • Course Certificate

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