Frequently Asked Questions

Why does GoApti provide mock interviews?


The purpose of a mock interview is to rehearse and simulate an actual interview. Through mock interviews, GoApti ensures that candidates don’t falter on the big day. Ultimately, it’s about familiarizing oneself with the commonly asked interview questions and etiquettes. Apprehension and anxiety can be a spoilsport for even the best of candidates. We don’t want you to fall prey to interview mistakes that could be easily avoided.

To arrange a mock interview, you need to schedule a meeting.


How long are the interviews?

Interviews generally last around 45 minutes, 20-25 minutes for the discussion/conversation, and 10-20 minutes of critiquing. Please make yourself available approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled interview.

Will the interview be recorded?

Yes, recording the interview allows the interviewees to make note of what’s missing in their performance and how to improve. The recorded video will be deleted once the video is shared with the interviewee.

Who are the interviewers?

The interviews are conducted by highly experienced HR personnel. These individuals work with some of the best organizations known across the globe.

What should I wear?

It is highly recommended that you dress professionally.

Will I get any report once the interview is done?

Yes, a comprehensive feedback report coupled with a secure web link to the interview recording will be provided to the interview. Additional tips, if applicable, will be shared as well.