Freshers Interview Process

Freshers Interview Process

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Interview Process for Freshers:

The fresher’s Interview Process consists of multiple rounds as mentioned below. Which generally starts with a Company presentation and ends with the final HR round. Let’s discuss each round in detail.

  • Company Presentation

  • Aptitude test

  • Group Discussion

  • Technical interview

  • HR Interview

1. Company Presentation

  • This round is a non-elimination round where one of the folks from the Interviewing panel (Mostly HR personal) will walk you through the number of slides and Videos.
  • Explaining the company’s business areas, work Culture, Benefits, and other aspects of the company’s profile.

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2. Group Discussion

  • This is the elimination round where a group of candidates discusses the topics given by the HR person.
  • The focus of this round is to check your communication skill and interpersonal skill. .T
  • To master in the group discussion round,  check out our article The ultimate guide for group discussion in the interview

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3. Aptitude test

  • The main objective of this round is to check your aptitude, verbal and reasoning skills.
  • This round is the elimination round which is being conducted either online or offline (on OMR sheet). For more information, read How to prepare for Aptitude test

4. Technical interview

This round will be headed by the technical person who is already working within the organization. The mode of the interview will be face to face, where you will be asked a couple of technical questions from your subject/stream. This round is an elimination round.

5. HR round

This is the final stage of the interview process which decides where you will be selected or not. This round is taken by the HR person and is the final elimination round. The elimination happens based on the candidate’s communication skills, behavior, and other aspects of interpersonal skills.

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