GoApti Campus Ambassador Program


The GoApti Campus Ambassador Program is a platform for students who are passionate about Aptitude to start and run an active Aptitude skills club in their college. A GoApti Campus Ambassador is a leader with a keen interest in starting and building an Aptitude community.

You will be the face, voice, and evangelist of GoApti at your campus. You will be the champion of our vision for hosting great Aptitude contests and building the largest network of freshers all around India.

Why GoApti’s Campus Ambassador Program?

  • To promote competitive Aptitude within your college
  • To organize Aptitude events and meetups
  • To organize Aptitude competitions
  • To connect with other ambassadors and share resources.

What GoApti’s has planned for you?

  • Around the India exposure for the events organized by you.
  • Special GoApti Swag Pack on becoming a Campus Ambassador.
  • Certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the program.
  • Most active campus ambassadors will get free passes to GoApti events.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Introduce new students to GoApti Platform.
  • Connect us to the Mathematics club and placement cells of your college.
  • Conduct one full-fledged Aptitude challenge every month on the GoApti platform in which GoApti will provide prizes to the winners.
  • Plugin GoApti as an associate in any technical fest that your college conducts.
  • Conduct pre-placement challenges on your campus.
  • Create a GoApti Facebook page/group for your college and use it to promote activities and information about GoApti in your college.
  • Come up with innovative ideas on how GoApti can associate with your college.

Who can apply?

Students having strong leadership and immense love for competitive Aptitude, are most welcome to be a part of our extended family on their campus.

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