How do you respond to change? Interview question and answer

How do you respond to change? Interview question and answer

How do you respond to change? Interviewers do not want to end up hiring an inflexible and unadaptable employee. I’m sure you know the type – the grumpy person who complains about how things are ‘nowadays’ and constantly reminisces about the ‘good old days’ before such and such a change.

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The world of work is changing quickly – with factors at play such as globalisation, mergers and acquisitions, change programmes, and efficiency drives. Talking about how you have coped with one of these changes will illustrate your ability to deal with change.

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Make sure that you can show that you’re willing to adapt to new circumstances, maybe along the lines of:
A couple of people left our team in the space of just a week, which meant that we were heavily understaffed for a period of over a month. The rest of the team had to readjust our shifts to ensure that the helpdesk remained manned at all times. I volunteered for a few additional shifts because I knew that our customers would otherwise have no one to sort out their problems.

Another tactic showing that you not only cope with change but excel at it is talking about how you have helped others through change. Perhaps you had colleagues who were uncertain of a new rota, but you talked them around. Or you volunteered to work on a project team, committee, or task force responsible for some part of the change process. Either of these examples demonstrates that you are not only reactively able to cope with change but can proactively contribute to it.

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