How quickly do you adapt new technology?

How quickly do you adapt new technology? A variation on questioning your ability to cope with change, this question about technology tends to get asked more of older candidates. If you think about it, new technology is being introduced all the time – from new computers and laptops to mobile phones and electronic key cards. Worrisome employers don’t want to hire people who struggle to master even the very basics of how to use them.

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Give as concrete an example as possible of getting to grips with some new facet of technology that has been introduced into your workplace:

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We used to use transparent acetates and old-fashioned overhead projectors for teaching seminars. But the university decided to introduce laptops and projectors and asked us all to prepare our materials using PowerPoint. I’m pleased to say that after attending the briefing sessions on how to use the new technology, I’ve become a real fan of this new way of working.


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