How to answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

How to answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

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The “Tell me about yourself” is the first question you will encounter while going through an interview. It might seem a very easy four-word question but you can drive your whole interview in the direction where you want to take it. The next question will be definitely based on the answer that you give in this question, so be very careful while giving an answer to it. If you are not prepared well then you might find difficulty in answering this question.  Let’s elaborate on this more.

Q1. What is the exact information expected?

As it is clear with the question itself that the interviewer wants to know about you. But the interesting fact about this question is that the answer to it will vary based on your experience..,

For Freshers:

If you are a fresher candidate then you need to start with your name then the place you belong to and its always a good practice to know some famous facts about your city before going for the interview. Because sometimes you might find an interviewer who is friendly with the candidate and in order to make the candidate comfortable they can ask this question. In addition to this answer you also need to give complete academic details of your till that date degree which you holding. You also have to mention your interest field here like which subject you like much.

Check out one sample example: Tell me about yourself example answer

You don’t have to mention about your family background, your family members,  your father occupation etc as they are interested in you and not in your family background and family members.

For Experience:

If you are having certain years of experience in particular job domain and you are asked with this question then you need to start with your basic introduction which includes your name and the current company you are working in. After this straightforwardly you have to jump to your project description that consists of the technology (for technical background) or functionality (for non-technical background) you are working on. You are also supposed to explain your role and responsibilities in that particular project and also the team size you are working in. So basically the interviewer here is more concerned about your work-related information.

So this is the way how you handle this question!

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Q2. What needs to be taken while answering this question?

Most of the candidate answer this question with straightway recitation of their resume from the very beginning. That can turn into a very long monologue that starts with one’s oldest — and probably least relevant and impressive — experience. By the time you get to the good stuff, your interviewer has zoned out and is thinking about lunch.

To avoid this you need to be focused on the key points your personality and accomplishment. Even if the interviewer asks you “walk him through your resume,” then also You can lead with your elevator pitch and then segue into an overview of your resume stuff with some sprinkle of sizzling stuff. It’s always a good practice to complete your introduction in 1-2 minutes to make it short and crisp.

So, this is how you can nail the four words question!

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