How would you rate yourself as good employee?

An interviewer can ask you to rate yourself on a number of criteria – such as your skills as a leader, a team player, a teacher, or a researcher. Obviously, you need to begin by saying that you are a good leader, team player, or whatever. Don’t let modesty get in the way of selling yourself – you can bet that other candidates are making all sorts of wild claims
about how great they are.

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To back up your claim, do go on to tell a short anecdote or cite an example as to why you think you rate yourself so highly. If you have won any awards or ever received any commendations or positive feedback from colleagues or customers, then this may be the time to mention it.

If an interviewer asks for a numerical rating, avoid giving yourself a score of 10/10. Trying to claim that you are perfect will come across as incredibly bigheaded. A score of 8/10 is more reasonable. Go on to say something like: I believe that I’m very good at X, but there is always more to learn. This response shows an ounce of humility and willingness to improve even further – good traits to have in an employee.

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