Our Vision

Each year, India as a developing country produces a huge number of Students which includes both technical/non-technical.

At one time, there were only a handful of Government institutes but now with the number of Private institutes set up for various disciplines year on year indicates an education boom in India. Further, the quality of education is also getting a boost.

The paradox is that, despite the increase in the number of colleges, the competition for acquiring fresh talent every year is so heated that it gives an impression that resources are really scarce. In reality, there are a plethora of career options for students of current years. The challenge is not the supply of talent but that of talent that meets the needs of the corporate world. In other words, the challenge is that of employability! It is not about having a good curriculum or good faculty. What then is the employability enigma? We conducted a survey of all the stakeholders on the employability front to understand the mystery. The results indicate that if the students augment their skills in a few specific areas desired by the industry, employability in the country can be significantly enhanced.

GoApti is one of our quantum innovation projects. Quantum innovation starts with figuring out where you want to be. It is about our aspirations and GoApti is one of our aspirational projects. GoApti aims at promoting systemic changes to current teaching-learning paradigms in education in collaboration with the academia.

GoApti is a dynamic initiative aiming to improve the employability of young Indian students. It is helping to move India forward towards global competitiveness by enhancing the quality of human capital in the country.


Since its launch, GoApti has achieved tremendous recognition and momentum within the field of education. The initiative has now spread to a number of colleges across the country and benefiting the number of students.

The essence of the innovative approach being used by GoApti to create a quantum improvement in the employability landscape is to help build institutions of excellence, which in turn leads to students who are industry ready when they step out of the portals of their institutions.

After having several rounds of discussion, conducting surveys and interacting with the employers and people from renowned institutes, we have found some key areas with regards to the skills required for getting a job in a good company or for getting into some top institutes for higher education. The motive of the effort is to analyse the important things that need to be taken care of to build a great career. Hence with the help of experienced professionals, professors and others best in the industry, we have designed a Programme that educates and inculcates in the students the proper approach towards a domain of their interest that helps them to progress to a better future.

The Quality Management System has benefitted goapti.in tracking and improving various processes like Training delivery, Content delivery, Master trainer development & Code of conduct for trainers and facilitators. Every functional team follows a documented procedure and this is periodically monitored through internal audits.

All critical processes of GoApti are covered, making the relentless expansion of the faculty community across the country seamless with tight adherence to quality norms.

The team at GoApti consists of professionals from various fields. Highly qualified engineers and educators with an understanding of social sciences as well as technical expertise are supported by instructional designers, software experts and logisticians. Other areas such as quality, resource planning and academic relations are also well represented. This strong interdisciplinary team enables GoApti to make a significant contribution to education.


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