When it comes to the concept of learning, many of us still follow a flawed approach. You see, it’s not just about studying from books or remaining confined to a syllabus. The team at GoApti realized the need to transform the mindset towards learning. And where did we find our inspiration?

The Theory of Social Learning drives us. According to this idea, efficient learning arises from the quintet of observation, attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation. Call it a coincidence, these five elements are found in one more place: social media platforms. We observe individuals on social media, pay attention to the posts that motivate us in some way, retain them partially or completely, and come up with our own creations. GoApti is the synergy of social media and learning—a platform that enables students and individuals to meet the standards of employability put forth by the industry today.

Think of GoApti like any other social media platform but with many awesome offerings. Students can form groups with like-minded peers, take advantage of more than a hundred free online courses covering a huge spectrum of topics, and evaluate themselves through specially crafted quizzes. The platform also provides an online code compiler that supports multiple programming languages. And the features don’t end here. The team at GoApti understands the importance of interviews in one’s professional journey. To facilitate the preparation for interviews, we offer a comprehensive “interview preparation kit” that has been designed with the assistance of industry experts and academicians. GoApti members can gain real-time feedback and insights into their readiness for interviews using our mock interview aspect. The best of the best from the HR segment will be there to guide you.

The team at GoApti understands the importance of innovation and invention. As a result, we strive to bring new enhancements and improvements on the platform regularly so that there’s no compromise in one’s learning curve.

It’s time to harness the power of social learning!