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This is something you’ll be asked a lot at the beginning of an interview. Here are three tips that’ll help you nail the opener.

Be succinct, honest and engaging.

I call this the “SHE” formula. Resist the urge to give a detailed account of the last two decades of your career. The interviewer is looking for an answer that shows them you’re qualified and can respond to an unstructured question.

Use the job description to prepare.

Reread what they want and highlight the most required skills that you have. Are they looking for someone who can solve problems or deal with tough customers? Pick a few and brainstorm how you can describe yourself while showcasing your strengths for what they’re seeking.

Tie your story to their needs.

People love a good tale, so weave in some personality. For example, maybe you fell in love with the hospitality industry because your grandparents ran a bed and breakfast. Connect your story back to the job, keep it short, and be truthful.

  • Prepare for this question in advance and have a compelling story about your past experiences.
  • Pull prominent skills from the job description.
  • Be “SHE” (succinct, honest and engaging).


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