How to Present YourSelf in the Job Interview

How to Present YourSelf in the Job Interview

The first step to be selected for a job is to get interviewed. A job interview is a process through which a person can know more about your personality, skills, and academic background. Try to adopt a proficient way of communication in the interview.

Professional Dressing

Always prefer formal clothes while you are going to attend the interview. As we all heard “the first impression is the last impression”. You must be dressed neatly and in a mannered way. For men, the preferable dress is a formal shirt and pants with properly brushed shoes. Tie you can wear it if you want but it’s not a mandatory thing. Similarly, for women, the formal pant-shirt and knee-length A-line skirt can also be best suited. Good dressing will also boost your confidence.

Stick to the Schedule 

No Excuse if you are late! Always try to reach at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. It helps in two ways, i)  It shows your seriousness about the time and interview ii) If you reach well before time, it prepares you to adopt the place and surroundings.

Carry all required Documents

Go through the interview invite email/call letter and keep a note of documents. Its always good to carry one file folder with all the required documents. Arrange your documents in a manner such that you can easily provide the documents if requested by an interviewer or HR person.

Note: Carry a pen and two Copy of Resume without fail

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Body language

Before entering into the interview room first knock the door then seek permission before taking a seat. Sometimes interviewer may mind this if you don’t ask for permission. Start your interview by greeting the person. Try to put your hand straight on your legs because touching your face or moving fingers will show your nervousness. Just sit erectly with a slight smile on your face. If asked then only touch the paper kept on the table. If you touch the interviewer stuff without his permission this will show the utmost sign of unprofessionalism.

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Be prompt and professional while speaking which is the best way to Present Yourself in the Job Interview

You need to be enough attentive while getting interviewed. It’s not a good practice to ask the interviewer to repeat the question, one or two times it is ok but not very frequently because this will show you as in absent-minded personality. And also be very specific with words you are speaking in the interview. Avoid using any slang. Try to speak calmly and softly don’t be very furious while answering the question as these things will add a negative point to your evaluation sheet.

End it Gently

Lastly after completion of the interview and while leaving a room, greet an interviewer with a smile and close the door gently.

So dress well and perform well!

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