What are your hobbies?

The most common question asked in a job interview “what are your hobbies and interest?”   If they don’t ask, then they may ask you to write it down. So, it is a very common question and you should be prepared for that.

Why this question is asked?

The reason why this question(what are your hobbies) is asked because they are hiring a human being, not a machine.  Human beings have different hobbies, they have different interests. The interviewer wants to know that this person is that person fit for the job or not. There can be two candidates who have the same age group, same experience and same qualifications almost the same kind of academic background.

Everything is the same but there will be two different individuals. Their natures will be different because their interest is different there their hobbies are different. So they want to know that if there are 10 candidates they select 3 candidates out of the 10 and in these three candidates who is the best one for this job. So they will try to find out the things which stand out in one of them. This type of questions is called an opportunity question which helps you to stand out and tell that you are the best a suitable person for this job.

What are the two types of hobbies that you should never mention?

So now we will discuss the two type of hobbies that you should never mention

First, if you have a hobby or something that you are trying to make a career of. This will give a bad impression about you and interviewer will think that you are not a long-term employee so if you have a hobby that one day you will be making a career then don’t mention that hobby

Second is any hobby that is considered negative according to your job profile or something that is negative overall. for example, you love watching TV or you love sleeping and waking up late so all these kinds of things don’t mention in your job interview

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Types of hobbies, the list of the hobbies that we can mention and what is their significance

Now let’s talk about what other kinds of hobbies you must mention

First, mention a hobby that is linked with your job profile. For example, travelling hobby is good if your job involves travelling. You love meeting new people, you like talking with people making new friends when your job is of sales so for salesmen these are good qualities

Second, you can mention a hobby which gives a message that you are a good learner. Example reading and playing any musical instrument, learning a new language.  So if you have any hobby that tells that you are a good learner then you are considered as a good employee because in a job profile always you have to learn new things. Become better to do something new, a new project comes in and you have to learn something new so if you have a hobby already that tells that you are a good learner and that’s a positive point.

Next is a hobby that gives a measure that you are creative and you are the product. An example you can mention the hobby of writing, photography, painting or poetry.

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How to choose your best hobbies

First of all what you have to do is be honest! List down all the hobbies that you have. Make a list of all the hobbies even if you do it for sometimes even if it’s something that you do always. Don’t mention any false hobbies since sometimes interviewer may ask you about your hobby.

The question “What are your hobbies” also reflects your creativity.

Next step is to pick up the hobbies which match with your job profile with the company and with the company’s vision-mission.   You don’t have to mention all your hobbies, a person can have many hobbies but you have to choose those two or three hobbies which are best for this job. You don’t have to confuse the interviewer . also when you mention your hobbies tell it with excitement, with joy and with the smile on your face because you love your hobbies and it’s not a burden on you.  it’s something.


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