What Are Your Strengths? | Important Interview Questions

What are your strengths

Do you list all of your talents for the “what are your strengths” interview question? No. Talk about those which will highlight you as a worthy candidate for the job.

TRAP: This question seems like a softball lob, but you need to be prepared. You don’t want to come across as egotistical or arrogant. Neither is this a time to be humble.

ACCEPTABLE ANSWER: You know that your key strategy is to first uncover your interviewer’s greatest wants and needs before you answer questions.

Prior to an interview, you should have a list mentally prepared for your greatest strengths. You should also have a specific example or two which illustrates each strength, an example chosen from your most recent and most impressive achievements.

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You should have this list of your greatest strengths and corresponding examples from your achievements so well committed to memory that you can recite them cold after being shaken awake at 2:30 AM.

Then, once you uncover your interviewer’s greatest wants and needs, you can choose those achievements from your list that best match up.

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As a general guideline, the 10 most desirable traits that all employers love to see in their employees are:

  1. A proven track record as an achiever especially if your achievements match up with the employer’s greatest wants and need.
  2. Management “savvy”.
  3. Integrity, i.e., a decent human being.
  4. Good fit with corporate culture, someone to feel comfortable with. A team player who meshes well with the interviewer’s team.
  5. Positive attitude sense of humor.
  6. Good communication skills.
  7. Willing to walk the extra mile to achieve excellence.
  8. Definiteness of purpose clear goals.
  9. High level of motivation.
  10. Confident healthy a leader.

What is your take on how to answer what are your strengths job interview question? Are you aware of other important interview questions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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