What does your day-to-day job involve?

Don’t get bogged down in describing all the details of your current job. If you list every single action or duty that you have, you will quickly bore the interviewer. The way to shine when answering this question is to focus on three, four or at most five – key areas of responsibility that you think the interviewer may be looking for.

  • I am responsible for all our company’s graphic design needs. In practice, this breaks down into three main areas. The first is to produce the monthly newsletter that goes out to all our customers. So I have to chase different departments to write the sections of the newsletter and then assemble them in an attractive format. Secondly, I work with the marketing team when they want to design new logos to accompany new products. And thirdly, I’m responsible for ensuring that all the correspondence that goes out to customers is consistent with our brand by checking up on employees at all levels of the company and educating them about our standard document formats.

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  •  As a senior associate, I run a team of six lawyers in the corporate law practice working directly with the partner. I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the lawyers, which includes managing their workload, ensuring that their work is of high quality, and coaching and developing them so that they can take on work of an increasingly more difficult nature. I also act as a liaison between the firm and the client, making sure that the client is happy. But most importantly I’m looking out for opportunities to deepen the client relationship so that the client will use us for other transactions.

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Prepare an answer to explain the day-to-day workings of all your jobs to date, not just your last one. An interviewer can conceivably go on to ask: What did your other jobs entail? or please tell me about the main duties that you performed in each of your jobs.


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