What makes you angry?

This is a kind of tricky question. The Interviewer basically wants to check whether you are short-tempered or you deal all situation with patience. So you have to answer this question very cleverly!

TRAP:  You don’t want to come across either as a hothead or a wimp.

BEST ANSWER:    Give an answer that’s suited to both your personality and the management style of the firm.  Here, the homework you’ve done about the company and its style can help in your choice of words.

Examples:  If you are a reserved person and/or the corporate culture is coolly professional:

“I’m an even-tempered and positive person by nature, and I believe this helps me a great deal in keeping my department running smoothly, harmoniously and with a genuine esprit de corps.  I believe in communicating clearly what’s expected, getting people’s commitment to those goals, and then following up continuously to check progress.”

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“If anyone or anything is going off track, I want to know about it early.  If, after that kind of open communication and follow up, someone isn’t getting the job done, I’ll want to know why.  If there’s no good reason, then I’ll get impatient and angry…and take appropriate steps from there.  But if you hire good people, motivate them to strive for excellence and then follow up constantly, it almost never gets to that state.”

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If you are feisty by nature and/or the position calls for a tough straw boss.

“You know what makes me angry?  People who (the fill in the blanks with the most objectionable traits for this type of position)…people who don’t pull their own weight, who are negative, people who lie…etc.”


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