What software packages are you familiar with?

  • What software packages are you familiar with is not likely to be a trap.
  • If you are going for a role where software packages are important, then it’s usually a good idea to list them somewhere on your CV.

If an employer then asks you about your level of proficiency with different packages, make sure that you can give examples of what feats you can perform on each. For example:I’m responsible for creating the monthly department newsletter, which usually means using that package to format and tabulate other people’s contributions. I also have to import images and create detailed proposal documents for my manager. And I can merge lists of contacts with letter templates to create marketing mailshots.

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Even the most seasoned of executives is usually assumed to have a passing knowledge of how to use a computer. Partners in top City law firms and senior managers with budgets of hundreds of millions of pounds are expected to read and send their own e-mails and type a few words into a document. So if you can’t do at least these two basic tasks, make sure you find someone to teach you how!

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If you really don’t know anything about computers, then try to go on a training course or get a colleague or friend to teach you how to use the basics of the Microsoft Office package. Microsoft is by far the most popular software developer in the workplace, so is a good one to start with.


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