Why do you want to work in this industry?

Before you say the real reasons why you want to work in the interviewers’ industry, do think about the socially acceptable reasons for doing so.
For example, saying that you want to work in television production because It sounds glamorous and well paid, this will immediately put you down. So try to respond to this question by emphasizing your skills and strengths.

“To answer Why do you want to work in this industry?, first try to figure out why you want this job and then answer accordingly”

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Here’s another example to base your own on:

I’ve always wanted to work in the not-for-profit sector because I feel that it’s important to be giving something back to the community and society as a whole rather than only making a profit for shareholders.

The people that I’ve talked to so far all seem to have a real desire and passion to make a difference, and I really want to be surrounded by people like that rather than people who work only to earn a living.

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If moving from one industry into a new one, have two or three reasons why you are making the move. You may want to compare and contrast your old industry with your new one, too.
In the insurance sector, people tend to be pigeonholed depending on what they’ve done before. From my reading and discussions with people in the consumer goods sector, I get the impression that a lot more flexibility exists in how teams work together and the way that people are allowed to carve out their own careers depending on where they want to go in the future.


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