Would you say you’re good with detail?

For the majority of candidates, the answer to this question should be yes. Of course, employers don’t want to take slipshod people on board.

If the job requires highly detailed work, give a simple example of how you ensure that your work is of consistently high quality:

In my job, it’s really important to get all of the numbers right, so I always double check the data after I have entered it. And I’m glad to say that in my two years in the job so far, no one has ever found an error in my calculations.

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“Out of some question Would you say you’re good with detail? is also a trap, so you should must answer these questions with care.”

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The exception to this general rule is managers. For managers in middling to senior roles, employers often expect them to pay attention to the big picture rather than getting too bogged down in detail. So if you already manage a medium to the large team of people – say at least a couple of dozen or more people – then you can get away with saying:

I have to admit that detail isn’t one of my strong points. I try to keep focused on the big picture. However, I always make sure that I have good people in my team who can handle the detail.


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