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#1 Platform for Interview preparation

Mock Interview scheduling platform with Powerful Outcome. Schedule your interview with top HR professionals working for top Companies.


Benefit of Mock Interview


No more Nervousness in the Interview! With GoApti awesome mock Interview session say bye to nervousness !!

Anxiety and Stress

Attending an interview can be stressful and makes you anxious!  Mock Interview creates a comfort zone & helps to overcome anxiety.

Body Language

We train you well in terms of body language and professional etiquette. A positive point added to your journey of the interview.

Situation Ready

Get familiarized for all situation with mockups. Understand how to tackle the tough question in the real interview.

Questions and Answers

No more surprises! Practice all types of question which is likely to be asked in the Interview. More questions lead to success.

       Live HR

Get interviewed by our HR working with top MNC’s. So, this way we ensure that you gain confidence about how the flow of your real-time interview will go on.


The Real-time interview not always ended with feedback. Get Instant Feedback about your weaknesses.

Feedback Implementation

Analyze your weaknesses and start working on it! We will guide you till your success.

Be Confident

Being confident helps to present your skills in a fantastic way! The mock interview provides an opportunity to ‘test drive’ and build confidence.


Finally the interview ‘match’ is one game that you definitely need to win, so prepare well! Time spent wisely, will track you on the correct path and assist you greatly in all situations.

How It Works


Select an available slot for your F2F online mock interview, get a confirmation email with details including the “Expert” who is going to interview you.



After completion a feedback of your performance will be sent to your registered email-id that includes score card and tips to improve your weak areas & a link of the interview recording.

Start Your Success Journey!

To assess and find out more about your soft skills, it’s best to participate in a mock interview and make the upcoming interview a perfect opportunity to perform best.

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