Would you say that you’re reliable? Interview Question and Answers

Would you say that you’re reliable? Interview Question and Answers

As Homer Simpson would say: ‘D’oh!’ Only an idiot would say that they are not reliable. But rather than simply saying, Yes, I am reliable, the key here is to give an example or to explain why you think so.

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Try to figure out what the interviewer really means by ‘reliable’. If the job requires staff to clock in and clock out, then
perhaps the interviewer means punctual and willing to work overtime. If the job requires a high level of responsibility, then maybe the interviewer means dependable.

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Consider these example answers:

  • Yes, I am a very reliable person. I’ve never been late for work in the 18 months that I have worked at the Grantham factory and I’m happy to do overtime if we are falling behind on our deadlines.
  • Yes, I would say that I am very reliable. My boss knows that I’m the sort of person that he can leave to get on with an important task and I won’t forget about it or quit until I have completed it.

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