Are You Willing To Relocate Or Travel? | Important Interview Questions

Are you willing to relocate or travel

Are you willing to relocate or travel? An outright “no” can potentially eliminate you from getting shortlisted. At the same time, giving a vague answer is equally harmful.

TRAP: Answer with a flat “no” and you may slam the door shut on the opportunity. But what if you’d really prefer not to relocate or travel, yet wouldn’t want to lose the job offer over it?

ACCEPTABLE ANSWER: Find out where you may have to relocate and how much travel may be involved. Take a few seconds to see if the interviewer’s response fits your schedule and potential. Then answer the question accordingly.

If there’s no problem travelling or in relocation, say so enthusiastically.

If you do have a reservation, there are two schools of thought on how to handle it.

One advises you to keep your options open and your reservations to yourself in the early going by saying “no problem”. Your strategy here is to get the best offer you can, and then make a judgment whether it’s worth it to you to relocate or travel.

Also, by the time the offer comes through, you may have other offers and can make a more informed decision. Why kill this opportunity before it has a chance to blossom into something really special? And if you’re a little more desperate three months from now, you might wish you hadn’t slammed the door on relocating or travelling.

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The second way to handle this question is to voice a reservation, but assert that you’d be open to relocating (or travelling) for the right opportunity.

The answering strategy you choose depends on how eager you are for the job. If you don’t want to take chances, choose the first approach.

If you want to play a little harder-to-get in hopes of generating a more enticing offer, choose the second.

This blog post by Indeed tells you more about answering the question on relocation and travel.

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How would answer are you willing to relocate or travel interview question? What was your response when you encountered this query? Are you aware of other interview questions? We’d love to know in the comments.

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