Would you say that you’re creative?

An interviewer may ask if you are creative or innovative – and for all practical purposes, you can treat these as the same question. Your answer to this question depends on the nature of the job you are being interviewed for.

If you’re applying for a job requiring high levels of artistic ability and visual creativity (such as a graphic designer or an advertising executive), then say yes and have ready a portfolio with at least a couple of examples of how you have demonstrated your creativity.

Bear in mind that employers are looking for not just creative ideas, but actual tangible products, designs, and inventions.

So make sure that your examples describe how you turned an idea in your head into a solution that benefited your team or

“Before going for an Interview you must answer to the Would you say that you’re creative? and there can be a very good results.”

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If you’re not applying for a job that demands high levels of creativity and you feel that creativity really is not one of your strong points, then this is one occasion when you should feel comfortable being honest in saying so. But go on to stress some of your other key strengths and qualities.

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If the job is a managerial one, you can get away with saying that creativity is not one of your key strengths.

I have heard a number of managers impress interviewers by saying that while creativity is not one of their key strengths, they try to create an atmosphere in their teams that encourages creativity through brainstorming, running workshops and away days, and supporting the ideas that members of the team have.


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